"It is important for our youth to establish a sense of etiquette to establish themselves in society, and Sathedia Bush has conveyed that message very well.  Our youth not only learned a lot but had fun while doing it.  And today if we sit at the table and eat, they still remember what they were taught, and that shows me that the workshop had a great influence on them.  Thank you!"

Shantelle Thompson
St. Luke Baptist Church, Youth Director
San Antonio, TX

“The First Impressions seminar was wonderful!  I signed up thinking I knew everything about etiquette, both personal and professional, but just wanted a refresher course.  I was surprised at the things I didn't know or had forgotten.  Everyone seems to think they know how to interact in a professional and/or social environment; however, as I learned in the seminar, there are simple habits that we've formed that are normally acceptable amongst friends and family however placed in another environment is not socially acceptable.  As I stated to the seminar's facilitator, one's attendance is worth it for perhaps that one simple etiquette tip that was learned.  I highly recommend this seminar to every student, professional or individual wanting to improve themselves, regardless of what they think they already know.”  

Jalayna Bolden


The seminar facilitator did an outstanding job inspiring individuals to be the best they can be.  I think this seminar should be offered at high schools - so many young people could benefit from this info.  Well done!”

Lynette Ward


"Thank you for teaching me things I wasn't taught growing up."

Stacy M. Foushee 


"Very informative and helpful hints to daily living!  Thank you so much for touching this much needed topic."


Sally Banfield


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